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La ignorancia del pueblo. Mi miedo a dos palabras.

by Skiter on 29 septiembre, 2012

Aún hoy me sigue d ando miedo a usar determinadas palabras. Es la putada del lenguaje, que no puedes referirte a algo sin mencionarlo. Igual de frustrante que la paradoja del gato de Schrí¶dinger, el mero hecho de usar “las dos palabras” ya implica promocionarlas, por lo que sigo sin atreverme. Y me asusta cada vez más cu ando veo que la gente las menciona cada vez más, y tan gratuitamente.

Veo en el muro de facebook de un amigo, con un historial racional e inteligente como pocos, un video con un reportaje de un medio extranjero sobre y durante las protestas del 25S en Madrid:

(Pinchar en la imagen para ir al artí­culo)

Respondiendo a comentarios de otras personas en su post, creo que me ha salido un pequeño resumen bastante “clever” de un mensaje que lleva rond andome mucho tiempo la cabeza plasmar, aunque sea en el ingles que a media noche de un viernes consigo escupir:

Dear Friend, I’m starting to do not like your attitude. Seriously, we need to find time to have that beer, because I respect you so much that i’m in shock with what you’re saying in your timeline in the last times.

For such an international person like you, with so many international friends you will have on Facebook, I think that you’re trapped in the fear game “they” are trying to infect us, and by sharing that kind of news (not extrictly objective, in my opinion) you just promote this hysteria we’are suffering. So then, “they” win.

You can allready see some of the effects it’s generating. Some of your friends in this thread allready speak about Civil War like the option that we’re afraid to take, but that would solve “this problem” (it’s not just one problem, you know…). WTF!! Civil War?? Do we have no idea about what the civil war did in Spain before?? Are we allready such a young and ignorant society that we have forgot our (really) recent past, so we’re trying to repeat the same errors?? Haven’t we learned anything yet?? The problem it’s not what your contacts would think. The problem is that a lot of people is starting to think the same. And I’m afraid of that. I’m really afraid.

Why I’m saying that?? Because taking a look to this video and trying to not been spanish for a while, I would see the Spain in this video like Egipt, Iran, Servia, or any other countries I remeber to see in TV when here were no problems (no visible ones yet). But coming back to my Spanish entity, I know that the police is not the problem, because they just do their work. Because that’s their job, not to ask, just to follow the laws. And I know that just a few of the protesters were violents, just a few would have “bad secret intentions” or golpists intentions, and that most of the people is fucked off, like I am too, and do not agree with the actual goverment (neither with the previous), and that lots of them would be allready suffering poverty, and that we can no more.

The police problem is that they have to follow orders from incompetent and corupt politicians, even when they like it or not. Our problem is that we have chosen those politicians when we voted them ( and I can assure you I didn’t voted any of the actual or previous ones, but I have to assume that the choice was not taken just by me). This is democracy.

Violence, is not the answer. Civil War is not the answer. Protests would be (only if paceful) a tool for make them hear us, but is not the only answer. Errors (voting) will teach us for the next time, like it seems had never do before. Every action has a reaction. Every decision has it’s consequences.


Quizás sea porque es en ingles, pero le sigo teniendo miedo.

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